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"Leaving Sadland" PHYSICAL CD COPIES! - Loz's latest CD - a collection of 14 original songs.

Loz's latest album "Leaving Sadland", a collection of 14 original songs, was recorded in 2014 and released in April 2015.  Produced by award-winning sound engineer and music director David Pendragon, it is a kaleidoscope of  audio imagery.
The crystal-clear audio draws the listener close into the room where the songs were recorded, as Loz's deep yet light-filled voice takes you to places near and far, on a trip across time and space.
This album showcases the talents of several musicians who are masters of their instruments.
Combine the violin and viola of the wonderfully talented Heather Roche with the powerful, tasteful drumming of Donovan Gall and the subtle yet ever-present bass guitar of Bill Hall. Then add Baz Cooper's concertina, accordion squeeze box and Hammond organ, along with Dorothy Jane Gosper's soulful harmonica, Jenny Spear's guitar and the uplifting ukulele sound of Matthew Davies. The result is a warm, uplifting sound.
Nitya Bernard Parker's organic bamboo flute and Robin Guda's tabla and classical-style Indian vocals will transport you even further, on a journey across continents.  

Physical copies of "Leaving Sadland" are are now available for purchase here. Get your exclusive SIGNED copy today. 

$20.00 including postage within Australia.

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