Loz Lawrey


Leaving Sadland

by Loz Lawrey

Released 2014
Released 2014
A multi-layered tapestry of stories in song that reach deep into the heart of the listener.
Loz Lawrey is a guitar player and singer-songwriter with a wealth of material that will captivate and engage the listener. The "Leaving Sadland" album is a kaleidoscope of audio imagery created by the deep and powerful lyric content and the crystal-clear studio recording and instrumentation. At times soulful and reflective, at others light-hearted and uplifting, each and every song shares Loz's rich life experiences.
Produced by award-winning sound engineer and musical director David Pendragon, the sounds of the acoustic instruments draw you close into the room where it was all recorded. A sense of being there in the moment of performance is created by the beautiful sounds of acoustic guitar, violin, viola, accordion, drums, bass guitar and a mix of other more rarely heard instruments.
Should you choose to take the time and listen, you will truly be "Leaving Sadland".

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Loz Lawrey: Leaving Sadland

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