Loz Lawrey



by Loz Lawrey

Released 2018
Loz Lawrey
Released 2018
Loz Lawrey
Lyrical, melodic songs on themes of hope and social justice from an Australian singer songwriter.
Loz Lawrey - Hope
Please enjoy the songs on this album. They spring from a yearning for social justice,
celebrating leaders who work for the common good and decrying the darkness of those who would divide us and deny our shared humanity.
Some of these songs protest the evils inflicted by the few upon the many. Others honour our
human instinct for compassion, inclusion, equality and fair treatment for all.
May we never lose sight of hope, our lamp in the darkness, our light on the hill.

Hope is a human capacity.
We are gifted with an innate ability to visualise, yearn for and create a better world in which the fulfillment of our human potential is a real possibility.
Sometimes hope is all we have.
When it seems we have nothing left and no further to fall, hope's beckoning light remains.
Hope keeps us going, onwards and upwards.
Hope provides the vision that inspires and motivates us to come together, care for each other and build a society of mutual respect, encouragement and support.
Without hope, we have nothing.

Loz Lawrey: vocals, acoustic guitars
Craig Marshalsey: bass guitar
Elrond Veness: bass guitar
Roberto Ciuffetelli: drums
Donovan Gall: drums
Duncan Beard: drums
Andrew De Teliga: violin, resonator guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, Turkish saz, Arabian oud, Japanese koto
Matthew Davies: electric guitar
Heather Roche: violin, viola, clarinet
Juanita Du Plessis: violin
Baz Cooper: accordion, Fender Rhodes piano
David Williams: resonator guitar
Dominic Robin Guda: Indian vocals (writer and singer), tabla
Nitya Bernard Parker: Indian bamboo flute
Edna Lam: concert harp
David Pendragon: harmony vocals

Produced and arranged by David Pendragon.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by David Pendragon
at “The Studio”, Canberra, Australia.
Tracking Engineer: Jack Buchanan
Artwork: Loz Lawrey
Photographic portraits: Nancy Chappell
Front cover photograph: Kelly Shine

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